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Have you heard the phrase “Tell me how much you spend and I’ll tell you who you are”? Surely yes although applied in another context, it does not matter, what I want to tell you is that the credits even if you have them, you should not waste them, on the contrary, your investment should practically guarantee your return in some way.

You will think “A house does not return the money” and indeed, if you buy a house to live in it will not give you apparent profits, however, you will gain tranquility and avoid paying rent.

Having the ability to acquire a reliable and fast credit can change your life, what is important to consider is that everything will depend on the use you give to the money, the size of the loan and of course, the conditions that are in the contract.

No matter the institution that grants it and the type of credit you request, you should always ask yourself some questions like:

What do I need a credit for? It is easy to answer this question, you just have to think about whether what you are going to buy or acquire is worth the indebtedness. Yes? Do not? This is a judgment to which each of us gives a different value.

How do I want that credit to be? I know that you will surely want something that suits you completely and that you would love not to pay interest, but finally, this is a commission you must pay to use someone else’s money.

What you can do is investigate the different options you have in the financial market and of course, compare them, even in some cases you could even negotiate.

One of the advantages of applying for a secure and reliable credit is the ability to respond that you can have to it. What do we want to tell you? The fewer problems exist for your payment, the lower the probability of having bad references within the credit bureau.

This in the future, will be reflected in a greater guarantee to acquire more and better loans that can go giving you great satisfaction in life.

Absolutely all the credits will come in small letters, read them calmly, review all the policies and any questions, clarify them with your financial advisor.

If you are looking for options in the different institutions, you can also find out if the company where you work has agreements with an institution or financial company.

Asking for a loan in this way can take away a lot of headaches and above all, speed up the process. When working in one of these institutions you no longer have to do so much paperwork to check income and, there is a possibility that, the monthly payment comes with a lower interest rate as the payment guarantee grows.

On the other hand, is there anything more precious than tranquility and security? I do not think so, if the company where you work has this agreement, then you can save all the time of research and now you only have to contact the association to start your application.

At Credifiel we are waiting for you, get in touch with us and find out about the agreements we have with many companies nationwide.

Once you have found the best option to apply for a loan, take paper and pen and start organizing your financial life. You do not need more hours a day to do it, you simply need to know where and in what you invest each one of your weights.