The questions that are most often addressed to us regarding the Cessione Del Quinto are many, such as I already have a current sale of the Shaw but I need new liquidity, how can I do? I want to lower the monthly payment to get less exposure, can I access the Cession of the Shaw? Can I improve the terms of my contract by stipulating a new one at a more advantageous rate? Can I access a loan even if I have too many debts going on? We have the ideal solution for each of these needs, namely payday loan consolidation, which helps you to consolidate all existing loans- Save your Money!

When it is possible to renew it

As previously stated, contrary to what one might think, renewing one’s assignment of the Shaw is useful when one is faced with one of the situations described above. This does not mean that resorting to the request for a new long-term loan is a decision to be taken lightly, the best and most honest advice that a good professional should always dispense is to assess first of all the importance and urgency of the problem to be solved or the need and whether a loan is really the only viable solution. Only after the careful and conscious evaluation is it correct to apply for the loan, relying on an agency in financial activity that can help and advise you in the best choice for obtaining a tangible advantage. By renewal of the assignment of the Shaw one means the extinction of the debt in course for the re-ignition of a new contract. But it is not always possible to proceed with this operation, at least not before a period of at least 40% of the total duration of the loan has elapsed; this means that anyone who has signed a contract of assignment of the Shaw to 10 years, will not be able to renew it before 4 years have elapsed. Instead, it is possible to derogate from the immediate renegotiation, only for the five-year contracts stipulated with a duration of 5 years and exclusively if the renewal of the new contract (10 years) will be doubled. To proceed with the activation of a new loan for the sale of the Shaw, it is essential to proceed with the definitive extinction of the current one, based on the residual statement communicated by the previous Budget and from which the interest not yet accrued (calculated in reference to the Tan) must be deducted. , the unused portion of insurance and a percentage of the financial commissions.

The real benefits of renewal

Let us pause to analyze better the real advantages of the renewal of assignment of the Shaw, starting from the need to obtain liquidity. In this case, provided that there are the conditions for proceeding, the applicant has the possibility to module the installment or keep the same amount, lengthening the duration again to obtain the sum required. If, on the other hand, there is a need to reduce the monthly payment, the renewal of the sale of the Shaw is indicated precisely because it offers the opportunity to modulate the amount to obtain a lower monthly indebtedness. Also the opportunity to evaluate the contractual conditions better than the contract in progress, makes the renegotiation of the transfer of the Shaw loan a further possibility of advantage, as currently the financial market has aligned itself with lower average interest rates compared to those applied on the market for previous years, including the reduced accessory and insurance costs. Another important aspect offered by the renewal of the sale of the Shaw is the consolidation of debts. In recent years, the strong crisis that has hit our country has generated immediate needs often resolved with an incorrect financial debt and consequent result of unpaid installments (unpaid) and bank disputes. It is precisely in this context that the solution is put in order to get back on track, by extinguishing the outstanding debts or by reducing the monthly installments. Also, in this case, the renewal of the payroll deduction can be an accredited solution for those who can no longer access ordinary credit.